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v3.5.8 (2022-8-25)
**Fixed: Bugs in ISO7816 analyzer.
*Optimized: CAN analyzer.
*Optimized: CAN-FD analyzer.
*Optimized: UART/RS232/485 analyzer.

v3.5.7 (2022-7-19)
*Increase the number of timing marker pairs
*Added: Support for USP-PD v3.1
*Added: Support for IR-NEC non-standard data length
*Fixed: Bugs in DMX-512 analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in RDM analyzer.

v3.5.6 (2022-4-29)
*Added: RDM protocol analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in DMX-512 analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in RGB-WS28XX analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in SWD analyzer.

v3.5.5 (2022-1-25)
*Fixed: Bugs of Channel select in Pulse Counters.
*Fixed: Bugs in USB analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in Modbus analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in LIN analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in Manchester analyzer.

v3.5.4 (2021-10-15)
*Fixed: Bugs in MIPI-DSI analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in QSPI analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in IR-Sharp analyzer.
*Fixed: Bugs in DS18B20 analyzer.
*Optimized: Font display.
*Optimized: Multi-screen display.

v3.5.3 (2021-7-15)
*Added: Analyzer rename.
*Fixed: QSPI bugs when it is set to mode 3.
*Optimized: Cross platform display of dialog box and menu.
*Optimized: Automatic baud rate.
*Optimized: USB-PD analyzer.
*Optimized: ISO7816 analyzer.

v3.5.2 (2021-4-16)
*Added: Wiegand protocol analyzer.
*Added: A Setting of RGB-WS28xx.
*Added: A Setting of IR-NEC.
*Optimized: Data export format of SMBus.

v3.5.1 (2021-2-20)
*Added: DHT11/12 protocol analyzer.
*Added: DS18B20 protocol analyzer.
*Added: IR-RC6 protocol analyzer.
*Added: IR-Sharp protocol analyzer.

v3.5.0 (2021-1-8)
*Added: Glitch Filter.
*Added: CAN-FD protocol analyzer.
*Added: IR-JVC protocol analyzer.
*Added: IR-RC5 protocol analyzer.
*Added: IR-SIRC protocol analyzer.
*Added: RGB-WS28xx protocol analyzer.
*Optimized: GUI.
*Optimized: Data export format of MIPI-DSI.

v3.4.3 (2020-9-10)
*Fixed: The MDIO analyzer export file is empty.
*Added: Tolerance setting options for Manchester analyzer.
*Added: Some special commands in the AtmelSWI analyzer.
*Optimized: Display of the LIN analyzer's decoded results.
*Optimized: Filter the non EP0 control data when the USB chooses control transfers.

v3.4.2 (2020-5-29)
*Fixed: The result of decoding cannot be displayed in the waveform window occasionally.
*Fixed: The clock edge error happened occasionally in PS/2 analyzer.
*Optimized: Improve analyzer execution efficiency.
*Optimized: Calculation accuracy of auto-baud.

v3.4.1 (2020-3-27)
*Added: An option: whether to wait for the trigger to meet when auto repeat sampling.
*Fixed: The Modbus ran incorrectly when set to inverted.
*Fixed: Crash when simulating with the MIPI-DSI.

v3.4.0 (2020-1-10)
*Added: Auto restart sampling.
*Added: USB-PD protocol analyzer.
*Fixed: Timing Marker may be calculated incorrectly.
*Fixed: The time may be incorrectly in saving/exporting data by timing marker.
*Optimized: The precision of time coordinate of exporting txt/csv files.

v3.3.4 (2019-10-30)
*Added: I2C-EEPROM protocol analyzer.
*Fixed: Changing device model may cause a crash.
*Fixed: When the I/O Standard is set to 5V-TTL, it cannot be saved.

v3.3.2 (219-10-11)
*Added: ISO7816 protocol analyzer.
*Fixed: In stream mode, the sampled data may fail to be read.

v3.3.1 (2019-9-7)
*Changed: Channel selection settings re-added to device settings menu.
*Changed: The PWM settings and trigger position settings are moved to the main menu.

v3.3.0 (2019-8-30)
*Added: Stream mode, in the device with internal memory.
*Added: Logic Probe, display the level and edge status of all channels in real time.
*Added: Support Russian.
*Fixed: When the sampling rate is high in LA1010, it cannot be saved.
*Changed: Move the channel selection settings to the channel settings menu.

v3.2.5 (2019-7-6)
*Fixed: When searching in multiple decoded results, it may be incomplete.
*Fixed: Crash may occur when timescale access conflicts.
*Fixed: Optimize the display order of recently used analyzers.

v3.2.4 (2019-7-3)
*Added: QSPI protocol analyzer.
*Added: LCD1602/12864 protocol analyzer.
*Added: Support LA5032.
*Added: Shortcut key F5 for start sample.
*Changed: Analyzers manager interface.

v3.2.3 (2019-3-30)
*Fixed: When deleting a timing marker, an error may be occurred.
*Fixed: On the MaxOSX retina screen, the display is blurred.
*Optimized: The display of the trigger button.
*Optimized: Timing marker ruler and pulse measurement.

v3.2.2 (2019-3-12)
*Fixed: The timing marker may be misaligned on the high-dpi screen.
*Fixed: The timing marker may make an error in calculating the interval.

v3.2.1 (2019-3-5)
*Fixed: Crash may occur when triggering conditions are set in the previous version.
*Fixed: Optimize the display of timing marker on the high-dpi screen.

v3.2.0 (2019-3-1)
*Added: Shortcut keys for zoom:Up/Down/+/-
*Added: Shortcut keys for move:Home/End
*Fixed: Start failed on some Linux systems.
*Fixed: Measurement menu failed in the previous version.
*Optimized: Add multiple pairs of timing marker.
*Optimized: Pulse measurement.
*Optimized: Cross-platform display.

v3.1.3 (2018-12-25)
*Added: Support MIPI16.
*Added: Shortcut keys for open/save files.
*Fixed: LA5016 PWM output wrong in the previous version.
*Optimized: Compatibility of Device access.

v3.1.2 (2018-11-22)
*Added: Support MacOSX.
*Fixed: The protocol parsing process sometimes does not end.
*Fixed: Saving the data file may be failed.
*Optimized: Compatibility of Device access.

v3.1.1 (2018-10-24)
*Added: Support LA1010.
*Optimized: The display of the start button.

v3.0.9 (2018-10-18)
*Added: Support Linux.
*Changed: Modify the usb endpoint used by the device firmware download.
*Changed: Limits the maximum display height of the channel.

v3.0.7 (2018-9-5)
*Fixed: The timing marker may be miscalculated.
*Fixed: Waveform when dragging the movement speed is not correct in high-dpi screen.
*Fixed: The software may stop responding during protocol parsing.

v3.0.5 (2018-7-20)
*Fixed: The software may crash when removing the analyzer during working.
*Fixed: Waveform may be misaligned in LA1010.
*Changed: Modify the usb endpoint used to read the sample data.
*Optimized: User interface and text display.

v3.0.3 (2018-7-9)
*Fixed: It may not be correct to record the last used path.
*Fixed: The decoded data display may not correctly when zooming.
*Fixed: It may fail while reading sampling data.
*Fixed: The software may crash when the analyzer edit/delete.
*Fixed: The software may crash when switching device models in demo.
*Optimized: Display of the decoded results.

v3.0.1 (2018-6-13)
*Added: Support Italian.
*Fixed: Progress bar display wrong when decoded data export.
*Fixed: Export dialog display wrong when decoded data export.
*Fixed: The decoded results marker may be misaligned on the high-dpi screen.
*Fixed: Opening failed due to special characters in file path.
*Optimized: Display speed of decoded data.
*Optimized: Display on the high-dpi screen.

v3.0.0 (2018-4-29)
*Version 3.x of the new design was released.